Rocking Multifunction Minimalist Shelf with Speaker

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Kreafunk Minimalist Shelf For Iphone And Ipod

In arranging a home especially a modern home will leave a problem about the storage space. Sometimes there is not enough areas to keep our stuff. Many of us finally give the additional storage space. The shelves and cabinet can be a good solution. But, what if the shelf that we have is not only a shelf. Do you ever think about a functional shelf with the additional function? Just take a look at the multifunction minimalist shelf, and you will find the thing that I mean. We get these awesome pictures a few times ago and it will be so interesting for the modern and Hi-Tech people. The aSHELF is a super unique and modern shelf from KREAFUNK.

If you are think that a shelf can do nothing, but keeping our stuff, you are totally wrong. This is not a common shelf. The aSHELF is a shelf that also able to play the music. It has a built-in dock for the gadget with the awesome 40W full-tone speakers. To play the music, this shelf also has a remote control to help you control the music from the far. The modern shape in minimalist design makes it can unite with the modern space easily. It is created in cute grey color with 80x30x6 cm of size. Don’t worry about the strength because this awesome shelf is strong enough to hold 15 kg of weight.

We can just put this wonderful thing everywhere. The spaces such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, or might be bathroom and many other places will be shaking with this rocking shelf. The aSHELF will make your days come like a party. Very rocking and your body will be shaking any time you want with this cool modern shelf. So, have you found the best place for this cool minimalist shelf for iphone and ipod?

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