Room Divider Ideas without Walls

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When it comes to room divider ideas, we usually think of walls or bulkheads that are most commonly used in the construction of the house. In addition to walls, some people use furniture as dividers. You don’t have to limit yourself to bulkheads to separate your rooms; you can use little tricks to easily distinguish the spaces in your home.

There are several ways that you can try. First, you can try to differentiate the floor height. Although there are no walls, the height difference will create a noticeable difference between your spaces. Another great option you can try is an “area rug”. Area rugs are a way to divide an open-plan room by laying down carpets with different patterns or motifs. This is one of the easiest room divider ideas ever. If you don’t like the idea of using a carpet to divide the room, a flooring pattern can be a good solution too. Plan the patterns in the same way you would plan the placing of an area rug.

One of our best room divider ideas is using partition screens. The screen is like a bulkhead partition, but it doesn’t limit your visibility into the other room. Partition screens come in a wide variety of materials, from glass to metal. It’s all about the one you prefer. You can also use a book shelf. How? Are you already imagining a neatly placed bookshelf in your dining room? Check out our gallery below to get some great room divider ideas and don’t forget to share your work on any of our social media platforms in the upper corner of the page!

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