Rustic country Bedroom design with wooden Furniture

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Blue White Bed With Stripes Carpet And White Cabinets And Big Plasma TV

Country is a great style for interior design. It’s both classic and elegant and it can be easily implemented in the bedroom. This room needs to be relaxing and comfortable. Actually it needs to be the best place on earth.

The basic principles of designing a country bedroom is simple, you just need to give a rustic spin to the elements in it. The best way to do this is through color and material. Natural materials, such as granite or colored tiles will look wonderful as flooring. An earthy color, such as yellow, orange or brown will also strengthen the country vibe. One more important thing to consider is the furniture. Wooden and old fashion furniture pieces with crafted details are the best choice for a country bedroom. To make your room look more natural, place some plants in the corner, or arrange a bucket with flowers on the top of the table. Hang some paintings in a terracotta frame to emphasize the rustic ambiance.

A country bedroom in red, with a big wooden bed in the center is a great source of inspiration. Some brown wooden cabinets and a rounded mirror will make your bedroom very rustic. A yellow-orange flower will complement this type of room perfectly.

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Gallery of Rustic country Bedroom design with wooden Furniture
country bedroom with green-white wall and big make up corner of wooden material
wooden cabinet and make up table with big mirror and large window with burgundy curtain
country bedroom with superbig wooden bed and classic motive carpet
blue white bed with stripes carpet and white cabinets and big plasma TV
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super classic bedroom with white wooden bedstead in natural theme
luxurious country bedroom with arched entrance mand make up corner woth artificial mirror
Red carpet match the red bed and white cabinets an dlarge window
super puffy bed with classic motive and wooden cabinet and pictures in the wall
red classic bedroom ith natural touch and large window

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