Scandinavian House in the Netherlands by Kim Van Rossenberg

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Are you missing some creative Scandinavian design ideas? Let us refresh your memory with this Scandinavian house in Nijkerk, Netherlands. However, what you are going to see in today’s post is not just a Scandinavian design, but also a glimpse of history, this house used to be an old library. Kim Van Rossenberg is responsible of making this unbelievable idea come true!

This house design features all typical characters that are specific to the Scandinavian style. The light and airy colors perfectly represent the Nordic style. You can also see a touch of industrial design in some of the furniture pieces. However, the industrial tone only further strengthens the Scandinavian accent. The fact that the furniture is made of natural wood is also a definitive feature of a Scandinavian house design.

This old library was successfully transformed into a house with high ceilings, steel doors, big windows and many grey, blue and white details. But the most interesting part about this Scandinavian house is that the kitchen is situated in the basement! How unique! Other details that make this house heart-warming are the stars made of natural wood and the wooden trees. Are you starting to feel inspired by the Nordic style?

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Gallery of Scandinavian House in the Netherlands by Kim Van Rossenberg
Interesting decoration room with white paint and table design also unqiue chair with half wallpaper
Charming white decoration idea with nice modern sofa in black colour and black pendant lamp
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