Seaside Retreat Hayama by YJP architecture

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Building a house is not an easy thing. But it is not also a difficult thing. Just see this Seaside Retreat. This picture is Seaside Retreat Hayama from Japan. It is exactly located in seaside town just outside of Tokyo. The design of this Seaside Retreat Hayama is based on the nature and human interaction. It is also maximizing the opportunities to enjoy the outdoor living. So, it is being a beautiful house with great design.

The interior design is so simple. It is not only that, the shape of the house is so simple too. Moreover, there are two main considerations for the sitting of the structure. The first is that this is essential to preserve the two existing symbolic trees, and the secondly is creating one continuous indoor or outdoor space.

With a little swimming pool inside, you can give an entertainment to your kids. Then, there are no much you can say about this hose. It is only a house in simple design and luxury interior. Furthermore, the building of this house consists of two main volumes which are connected by semi-outdoor spaces. Then, this house is may be really looking so Japanese from the location. But from the shape, this house is so western. Meanwhile, the 2-story wood structure contains materials and colors that are natural, warm and casual. Also, the stained wood sidings and decks, concrete mortar floor, exposed wooden beams, etc. all provide a relaxing and comfortable touch and appearance. The extensive usage of wooden folding doors and exterior wood decks further blurs the boundary between the indoor and the outdoor. The interior is graced with a casual elegance through-out. Its colors, finishes and furniture are carefully selected to enhance the experience of beach side living. So, just have this design for your home. You will have a very great home surely.

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