Set Your Imagination Free with Day Bed by Gandia Blasco

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Daybed Bedding

What do you expect about a day bed? Do you ever think about a fantasy day bed that can support your dream and makes your imagination fly away higher than you can do. All of these things you can find inside this day bed sets from Gandia Blasco. A magical day bed that ready to bring you discover your deepest imagination.

This pretty bed is created in modern and minimalist style without too much accent. Very simple, but it can show the real meaning of the theme. About the dream and imagination. The white color here seems very perfect and match with the square shape of the bed. White is chosen to show the simplicity and luxury of the bed. And, this color makes this bed possible to placed everywhere in many different room theme.

Your imagination can play here. Just let your imagination brings you to the wonderful atmosphere of the sunset in the beach. Or might be in an open area to enjoy the water or might be floating on the water. Just let your imagination free here.

This singular bed has the square form to make the character of modern furniture appear. This bed not only gives you about it all, but also the coziness and comfortable area for the perfect sleep because that is the main point of the bed, right?

This bed will be perfect to be placed in the bedroom with open area concept, so it can blend with the natural environment around it. Or might be we can put it in the middle of a modern bedroom that face a super big window that can give you access to enjoy the city view around it. Just like what I said, this simple, but gorgeous day bed can give you something more than you can expect.

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