Seven in One Futuristic Metal Bathrooms

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Corrugated Metal Bathrooms Design

Modern minimalist home always seems great with the same theme of bathroom and I think the metal bathrooms can also be a good choice. And, this modular metal bathrooms will be so suitable for you who have a bathroom with the super small and limited area. This metal art bathrooms doesn’t need too many space because it is arranged vertically.

This awesome project is coming with the industrial theme and silver color. Actually, the main theme of this project is modular style that stacked vertically. On the bottom, you will find the silver toilet with white accent, then you will get the basin on the next level. In the top of it there are two spaces for you as the storage space to keep your stuff. Then, on the top of it, you fill find the cistern as a place to accommodate the water. And, the last you will get two showers. You know, it seems like a huge pole with seven functional pieces that arranged in one.

The inspiration of this awesome idea is coming from the spinal system where you can find many pieces that arrange into a long form in our backbone. Every part of this bathroom can be moved and rotated individually based on our need.

The rotate part is not only a trick to attract the customer, but more than it, Design Odyssey as the creator tries to bring the best solution for you specially about space. This bathroom is very suitable for a flat or condo with super small and tiny bathroom. Trust me, it will be great especially for the young citizen who lives in modernity and simplicity of urban lifestyle. So if you like the futuristic industrial atmosphere in your home, just bring this awesome bathroom into your spaces. It will bring another style of luxury in your bathroom.

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