Shocking Boat Shape in A Futuristic Residence

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Back Yard Futuristic Residence With Passion For Yachts

The modern era is coming and bring the new touch in many aspects. Including on architecture. There is a big progress in architecture in recent year. This progress always makes people come interested to know what is the trend in the future or might be on the next century. I believe you ever thought about the lifestyle and the home shape and trend on the next 100 years. It will be so interesting if we can see the home of grandson in the next century where everything is getting advanced and modern. Might be the pictures of this futuristic residence can help you imagine the style and shape of the home in the future.

This awesome and futuristic home is coming from Greek. Takes place in the middle of Athens, Greece, this home can impress everyone who comes here with its super modern and futuristic concept. The futuristic theme is coming with its pretty white color that has been applied in almost all sides of this home. Actually, the main inspiration is boat. So, the designer creates this home with the shape that almost seems like a huge boat. With 300 square meters of size, I think this home is big enough for your family, right? This home also has a big yard because it is created on a super big land with of 7000 square meters. I think the 314 Architecture Atudio should be proud with this wonderful project because at the end it can result a spectacular home.

Because the main idea is boat, I guess they need something to represent the blue sea. That is why they also create a super big swimming pool outside this home. The blue color of the swimming pool seems awesome to and striking between the green grass. This futuristic residence seems with passion for yacht like a floating boat in the middle of the sea to show the passion of the owners who are falling in love with yacht.

Beautiful View Futuristic Residence With Passion For Yachts

Details Of Futuristic Residence With Passion For Yachts

First Floor Plan Futuristic Residence With Passion For Yachts

Front View Details Futuristic Residence With Passion For Yachts

Front View Futuristic Residence With Passion For Yachts

Gallery of Shocking Boat Shape in A Futuristic Residence

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