Shocking Ideas Inside A Scenography Apartment

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Beautiful Lighting Living Room Scenography Apartment By AA Studio

What do you expect from your apartment? What is on your mind when I say about a modern apartment? I believe your mind will run into a simple apartment with the minimalist concept. But, what if it can be more than it? Do you ever think about making a great collaboration between architecture and technology? If you do, here I bring an example for that. This apartment is coming with that concept. This is not only a modern apartment, but a scenography apartment that can impress you any time. Just take a look at these picture and let them speak to you more.

If you are asking about the man behind this awesome apartment, I will answer that this wonderful apartment is coming from the smart designer of AA Studio. They can apply those great concepts into a modern apartment in the Bucharest. With 400 square meter of size, I think this apartment is ready to blow your mind even on the first time you see this apartment. Don’t you think that this apartment is big enough to accommodate all of your family members? And, because of its big size, each area on this apartment comes with the spacious space. The main color of this apartment is white. White appears almost in all areas beginning from bedroom, living room, and even the toilet. You will see the big windows that covered with the white curtain that comes almost in each space. The overall look seems so modern and stylish with the spacious impress.

And, another surprise will come from the living room. Here, the living room can change color easily. This is because AA Studio has combined this apartment with the high technology that can produce the lights to make this scenography apartment on Bucharest comes striking and amazing. You can make a great party here any time you want because here you have your personal club. So, do like this amazing scenography apartment Bucharest by AA Studio ?

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