Shocking Ocean Mini Cities

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Clubstead Design Ocean Mini Cities

We have seen so many floating home, but trust me because this ocean mini cities are so different. The ocean mini cities design that you will see here will suddenly bring you to another era. This ocean mini cities oil flat form is seemed like the real industrial space with the ultra modern concept.

This is so awesome to hear a corporation has any ability to make an amazing floating place in the middle of the sea. The building also strong enough to face the extreme weather of the sea with the best construction and quality. So, we don’t have to ask about the strength because it can survive for decades. But, the ‘black gold’ that they use for this project is so limited under the sea, so I wish one day they can think about another thing to replace it. Something that more Eco-friendly.

This project is created by Ku Yee Kee and Hor Sue-Wern of Malaysia for Evolo with the amazing modern design. For me, this project can suddenly bring me to another world that might be will be found in the next centuries in the earth. With the super modern and futuristic concept, this building is representing the real industrial city with the strong character and image.

Basically, this project circular form as the basic form. Mostly, this small city is seemed like a floating skyscraper in the middle of the sea. It has the structural core in the middle, and the residence for the people who decide to move here is arranged around it in the edge of the floating city.
Talking about the energy, the standard energy source such as solar and wind are available. But, in the future, they will develop the tidal energy because of the unique location of this city, this idea is possible to do. Some green area will be prepared also as a place for the owners to enjoy the nature with the small green view.

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