Shocking Penthouse Bathroom on The Elevator Shaft

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Detail Bathroom Penthouse

If you in the penthouse on the top floor of apartment, let’s bring this shocking penthouse bathroom inside your space. I believe this scary penthouse bathroom can make all of your guest get shocked and will think twice to entry your bathroom. Make sure that your guests don’t scare of the height because if they do, they will never want to use this scary penthouse bathroom sits.

Welcome to the bathroom. The first time you see this bathroom, you will not find something weird. But, just take a look at the floor. You will find the hell. Hernandez Silva Arquitecto is the man behind this scary project. He creates a bathroom right on top of 15-Floor Elevator Shaft. He has used the glass with the size as big as the elevator as the floor so, you can see the Elevator Shaft that connects the 15 floors on this building. I just can imagine when you are here then take a look at the floor and you find yourself in the this scary place. You are on the top of a death-defying floor.

Well, because it size is so small just as big as the elevator (I believe you can imagine how small it is), the designer put a big mirror on the wall to maximize the hole space. I really love the small orange tiles accent on the one side of the wall. It brings the freshness and a preety look. Even actually it still can’t reduce the scary hell on it floor actually. Another three sides of the wall is painted in white. It brings the clean impress and to maximize the limited bathroom area. The wood accent on the small brown cabinets under the sink can be used as the storage space. Added with the metal tap on the sink that brings the modern touch to the bathroom, this bathroom is not only scary, but simple, modern, and also stylish.

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