Shocking QR Code Room Concept With Hidden Message

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Hotel Room Qr Codes Design

What if you find a QR Code room that surrounded QR Code for real? yeah, I am talking about the real and shocking QR Code room fez. Interested? You can find this very unique fez QR code purple room inside the Modez Hotel that takes place in the Dutch city of Arnhem and arranged by 30 skillful people in decoration.

Antoine Peters is the main behind this uncommon project. He tried to make a room with two different faces. The first time you see this room, you will see an abstract room. All sides of this places is filled by so many white and black abstract pattern on the walls with the white and black furniture that combined. It seems like too many pattern here, but still interesting. The second face, this is the real face of this room. To see this second face, you should fix the puzzle by using your smartphone. Scan the codes, and the real face of this room will appear. Actually, there is a link behind the code to bring you access the Sexy photos, racy videos, and anything about it. The thing that the creator tries to tell us is that nowadays we are surrounded by porn. Well, the first face is just a mask to hide it all.

This project finally brings a beautiful project with an abstract world as the mask with the shocking adult world hidden behind it. I guess this is a polite way to show the extreme imagination and idea about the real world out there. Unique project with the unique way to express your mind and creativity. Even so, the creator didn’t forget to arrange the best look for this room. This is what I call as professional. Smart and shocking idea with the great result.

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