Side Table Designs with The Wise Message

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Crac Side Table Design By Alexandre Moronnoz

If we are talking about architecture, it means we are talking about a never ending creativity. If you realize, the common thing like as a table can come with so many shape, detail, and style. Those differentiation are caused by that creativity. The same thing will you find easily on the product that I will show you today. The side table designs of this product serve the uniqueness for everyone who sees it. And, I believe you will also fall in love to this chic table with the contemporary style just like I do.

This cute and unique table is created by a great designer, Alexandre Moronnoz. After you take a look at the table he made, you will find the other thing than just about the style. This table also serve the aesthetic, something that can be very hard to be found nowadays. Side table designs comes with the contemporary style in natural wood color. Here, the designer makes the edge of the table with the sharp shape. Actually, there is a story behind this project. Even we know if this table is created for the commercial purpose, but here I will tell you about the interesting message inside this table. The designer creates this CRAC Side Table to remind people about the ecological damage that comes very happening nowadays. Especially about the breakdown that happens in the forest.

Actually, for me personality this side table designs also shows the originality. I like the sharp edge because it reminds me to the broken tree. And, the wood material always has the special place for me because of the warmness. This side table designs with certain forest highlights is able to beautify your living room or might be standing on the corner of you media room. So, where will you put this wise table with the important message inside it?

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