Simple Bathroom Design with The Shower Curtains

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Burg Back Full Shower Curtains

Architecture is based on the taste and personality of the owners. Just like what has become a trend nowadays, the simple bathroom seems like the favorite theme of mostly people out there. Even so, might be each people has different ways to represent their simplicity and personality. Some people perhaps like the modern bathroom with the glass walls around it. But, might be you need the more simple thing than this. If you do, do you ever think about the shower curtains? Seriously, that can be the easiest way to separate the shower with another area in the bathroom.

WINTERCHECK FACTORY has an interesting design for your bathroom. They create a shower curtain with the unique idea that can be so helpful especially for the small bathroom. The Utility Shower Curtains not only a common curtain. But, more than it, this curtain also has the unique feature. It has the storage component on it. It has the pocket that can be used to keep the shampoo, soap, even the towel because it is created in two sizes. The small and the big pocket. This curtain is created from 200 Denier 100% Oxford Nylon as the main material. It means that you get two in one product. Two function (as the divider and storage space) inside one curtain.

This shower curtains is also available with many options of colors beginning from the green, blue, red, and black. Here, you can just pick the best color you need to be mixed with your bathroom design. The modern or conventional design, all of them are suitable to be mixed with this curtain because actually this curtain is very adaptable. Don’t you think that this is an interesting way to arrange your bathroom? Just pick one, and the storage problem can also be fixed with this shower curtains with matching window curtain.

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Green Back Full Shower Curtains

Green Front Full Shower Curtains

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