Simple Beds Headboard with The Clean Look

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Beds Headboard Built In Shelf Design

People never really expect something new behind their beds headboard. But here, you will find something awesome behind these beds headboard designs. This cute bed has an awesome bed headboards storage behind its headboards. So, the headboards can be so functional than just a common useless headboards.

The Vitamin Design from Germany is coming and bringing these awesome design with them. They make this pretty bed by giving a small space behind the headboard as a storage space. It is possible because of the design of the bed form gives any possibilities for this. They put the headboard forward and leave a small space behind it that can also be used for the decoration accent. Or, it can also be a good place to keep your small stuff that must be reached easily from the bed such as the phone, wallet, or some book.

The bed is created in full wood materials. It has the soft brown of wood as the main color and used in all sides of the bed. The impress that you can get is about the simplicity, cleaness, and elegant. It is very clean and soft.
This bed will be so perfect to be combined with the modern arrangement with the soft colors such as white and soft brown. By giving some small touches of color, the freshness can appear and fill the room. You can see the green accent as the decoration can bring the bedroom comes fresh and cheerful.

I personaly like this concept because for me this is just a simple concept, but they can just visualize it into a pretty form. For me, this bed is very unique, clean, and tidy. Making a new modern furniture doesn’t mean like you must make a product with too much accent, right? A simple thing here can bring the designer to get a prestigious award.

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