Simple Design on T-House

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Bedroom T House Design By Den Nen Architecture

Modern home has become trend in many places. But, so many people have a wrong interpretation about it. Actually, the modernity can come from many things. Even the simple thing can show it if it is arranged well. You don’t have to make a complicated design just to bring the modern look. The simple design with the strong character will be so much better than it. Because believing it or not, the simplicity is the main idea of the modern arrangement and design. And, the T-House design can show you a great example about that.

The T-House design is taking place in Japan. It is located in the Hyogo Prefecture. This small house is specially created for a family in Japan. Mostly, the T-House is created with the concrete material as the main material. The Den Nen Architecture can make it well by combining the concrete with the awesome geometry shape. This home is coming with the minimalist design with black and white theme inside it. This two level home can perfectly bring the modernity and stylish look. Actually, with the thing you can get inside this place is nothing, but the simple design. The white seems so dominant and used in many spots in this house. Beginning from the walls, floor, roof, even the furniture, all of them come with the modern style in white color. This arrangement finally can bring the spacious and airy atmosphere to the room. Te house seems so clean and cold.

The floor is glossy and combined with the glass in the walls and windows, all of them had made the home sparkling and bright. This is because it brings the natural light outside the house entry to every inch of the house. So, do you like the clean appearance and stylish theme of T-House design. Simple, but so modern, right?

Front View T House Design By Den Nen Architecture

Kitchen T House Design By Den Nen Architecture

Living Room T House Design By Den Nen Architecture

Outdoor And Indoor View T House Design By Den Nen Architecture

Relaxing Room T House Design By Den Nen Architecture

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