Small and Fresh Apartment Design

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Concealed Storage Solution By Anton Grishin

Small apartment can look stylish and neat. Designer Anton Grishin designed a small apartment to be modern city house but with the fresh palette. The home furnishing makes the space felt to be more adequate. The cheerful color story and the array of the sensible storage options make use of every nook in concealing and preventing the buildup of clutter in the modest plan of a house.

The hues of aqua and yellow are able to create the cheerful summer feel in the area for longue. This is an area where modern wall art is chosen to match soft furnishings of the room. A book collection in the simple metal bookstand is giving a splash of color to the opposite wall.

In the kitchen, the chunky dining table is being used and directly incorporated with kitchen units to save space. Warm and soft tone of woods has been chosen for the kitchen units while kitchen bench is kept in white color for a match to the eating area. There are cupboards hidden along the wall from kitchen and dining area all the way to the lounge. These cupboards are cleverly situated out of eye-line and the color is similar with the color of walls.

L Shaped Blue Sofa By Anton Grishin

Modern Ceiling Treatment By Anton Grishin

Modern Glass Shower Room By Anton Grishin

Modern Kitchen Interior By Anton Grishin

Small Apartment Design By Anton Grishin

Gallery of Small and Fresh Apartment Design
the wooden kitchen cabinet by Anton Grishin
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Small apartment design by Anton Grishin
Concealed storage solution by Anton Grishin
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small apartment kitchen by Anton Grishin
Small kitchen decoration in by Anton Grishin
Modern kitchen interior by Anton Grishin
L shaped blue sofa by Anton Grishin
Modern ceiling treatment by Anton Grishin
white washing stand in by Anton Grishin
White sideboard by Anton Grishin
Modern glass shower room by Anton Grishin
the Blue sofa by Anton Grishin

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