Small Chalet in Switzerland perfect to enjoy the snowy Scenery

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Charlet Pictet’s breakthrough design makes this small chalet look so lovely. Located in the Ormonts Valley, Switzerland, this chalet can give you that necessary warmth to enjoy the snowy outdoors.

The most eye-catching aspect of this design is the honey blond wood used to construct it. This type of wood is usually used in a more traditional interior, but here it looks really modern.

Due to some constraints caused by the site’s challenges, the chalet is designed at a low level, with low ceilings, but with a pretty large fireplace. It is designed to give a warm and relaxed atmosphere to the interior. Since it has a truly modern feel, you can see the minimalist home furniture used to decorate the chalet all the way through. You can see how amazingly simple and beautiful it is.

It’s amazing that even if it’s small, this chalet manages to be very welcoming. Due to the snowy surroundings, this chalet is a perfect place to stay and enjoying a lovely vacation and a breathtaking scenery outside. This chalet can offer a truly warm and affectionate feel, to stay inside with your family members or your loved ones. Isn’t it nice? Tweet your thoughts!

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Gallery of Small Chalet in Switzerland perfect to enjoy the snowy Scenery
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