Smart Design In Less Spacious Apartment For Single Person

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Pinewood Entertainment Unit

For bachelor who lives alone, staying in an apartment in a big city sounds very normal. Since having spacious room will cost more than in other cities, it is quite exclusive to stay in a wide apartment. For this case, Alan Chu has designed an ingenious solution for the less spacious apartment in Sao Paulo. Less space will not limit creativity, right? Here is a great idea for more creative design in less spasious area.

A bachelor is usually not being dilligent to clean up and place everything neatly, storage shelving unit is the best furniture which is must be had for this small apartment. A cozy sofa placed in the living area which also mixed with dining area and kitchen has become a comfortable spot where a single can do some activities or just remain being lazy to sit and relax in this couch. Except for the red refrigerator which is quite eye-catching, this room designed in neutral tone dominated by wooden material create warm and soothing nuance which is not easily looked dirty.

A lovely twisted stair connect the first floor to the upper floor contains bedroom, bathroom, and entertainment box or we may call mini home theater. The simple design with contemporary chair and decoration makes it a perfect urban style settlement. Cool smart saving space solution isn’t it?

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