Smart Kitchen with built-in Samsung Galaxy Tablet

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Elegant And Smart Kitchen From Toncelli Image 001

It is the era of minimal design. It is including minimal kitchen in it. It is influenced by the high technology that is come into our life. By the high technology, everything is becoming easy. Also, it makes our life to be easier. However, the gadget is created to make our life to be faster and easier too. That is why the design of the smart gadget is so simple. So simple with the function, that is making us easier to do everything.

Then, what about the design of smart kitchen? It must be sure that smart kitchen design is having minimal kitchen design too. It is so simple in the shape. It is called by super smart Prisma that is created by Toncelli. It is planning to be introduced in Eurocucina in 2012. Just like a smart gadget, the shape is not more than just flat. But it is showing us the smart thing.

It is not only from the shape we find the smart one, but also from the way it works. However, it is added by sliding cutting board and built in Samsung Galaxy Tablet technology for a fully interactive and engaging kitchen experience. With the dominant color is black, just do not worry; because you will get your own satisfy. Your home will be your home sweet home, surely.

If you are including a simple person with high technology things in your life, this design is so suit with your personality. The color is also simple. It is presented in black one. In every curve, we can find a nice visually. Moreover, it is made in transparent too. So, what else you are looking for? This product is more than what are you look for smart kitchen. A smart home with smart kitchen in it is so complete and so beautiful.

High Technology Kitchen Image 002

Hi Tech Kitchen Toncelli Prisma Image 003

Hi Tech Kitchen Toncelli Prisma Image 004

Kitchen Equipped With High Techonogy Image 005

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