Sophisticated Simrishamn Farm House

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Black Lamp Hang On The Roof With Black Table Complete With White Plates And Black Cupboard

Just because you are living on a farm, doesn’t mean that you can’t live in style. The Brook farm house is the perfect example that living on a farm can be not only cozy and homey, but also very stylish, chic and fashionable. This spacious farm house is decorated in an old fashion style. In every room, there is a nice lighting arrangement created with various lamps in different shapes and designs, even in the bathroom.

The farm house is situated in Simrishamn, Österlen, in the southeastern part of the Scania province in Sweden. Although is set in a farmland, the house is quite spacious and modern. Well, there is a great mixture of rustic, modern and also sophisticated elements. As a plus the peaceful and serene feeling is beautifully complemented by the surrounding trees overlooking the sea. Talk about a nice natural combination!

From afar, the house truly stands out among the green trees, due to the cool white-bluish cover. If you step onto the front porch, you will be welcomed by a dark and elegant granite flooring that looks great, and it’s matched to the white wall. If you step further into the house, you will see another cool and elegant color combination of white, gray and black. Although it’s a farm house, it feels like a ten million dollar penthouse in an urban setting.

The wooden ceiling and floor look great with the concrete walls. There’s also a black and white fireplace that delivers a warm and cozy atmosphere. The living room has a great outdoor view and glass sliding doors that just add to the confines and coziness of this house. The bathroom is decorated in a classic style, with wooden furniture and an elegant bathtub.

Black Lamp Hang On The White Roof With Wooden Material And Comfortable Sofa And Pink Pillow

Black Table Combined With White Coloring And Black Chair Beside Washbowl With Glass Windows

Blue Bowl On The White Table With Wooden Material And Black Chair Also Wooden Floor

Brown Blanket Combined White And Creamy Blanket Also White Pillow And White Chair And Glass Window

Combination Black And White Coloring Chair And The Table With White Wall And Wooden Floor

Gallery of Sophisticated Simrishamn Farm House
white house in the middle of forest with many plants combined gray roof and grass in the yard
brown blanket combined white and creamy blanket also white pillow and white chair and glass window
unique bathtub with white and black coloring with black art decor also with batik motif floor and white carpet
oval table with white coloring and white sofa also motif carpet on the wooden floor
black table combined with white coloring and black chair beside washbowl with glass windows
combination black and white coloring chair and the table with white wall and wooden floor
double size bed with gray and white blanket and two pillows complete with gray standing lamp and large mirror
black lamp hang on the roof with black table complete with white plates and black cupboard
pink flower vase on the square table with comfortable sofa and pink pillow also black lamp
large windows with glass material and green stainless steel chair also white table and comfortable sofa
white unique chair with gray blanket on the stone wall combined with a wooden wall and beautiful canddle
gray sofa with white pillow and white table also many art decors combine with glass door and unique chimney
opened door white door with wooden material combined with black curtain and gray carpet also a beautiful candle
wooden floor with white coloring and black sofa also white table and gray carpet
blue bowl on the white table with wooden material and black chair also wooden floor
creamy carpet with blue and white chair also white table in the diningroom with black lamp
glass windows and glass door with white coloring and comfortable sofa with white standing lamp
marmer floor and wall with black coloring combined with white bathtub and gold mirror also white glass window
black lamp hang on the white roof with wooden material and comfortable sofa and pink pillow
white washbowl on the black table and large mirror complete with unique bathtub and white closet

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