Space saving Furniture, efficient and elegant, for your small House

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A Concept Of Room With Wood Floor And White Wall With Yellow Table With Red Straight

Limited space is always a problem. The demand for more space forces designers to be innovative in furniture design. So they have to come up with creative space saving furniture pieces. This means that the bed, table, sofa, shelf etc. is multifunctional or can be minimized into one small box.

The first space saving furniture piece that we present today is called Casulo. At a first glance it looks like a small box, but amazingly it can carry a complete bedroom set, including a bed, bookshelf, table and a small cupboard. What makes it more amazing is that you only need 10 minutes to set it up.

The second space saving furniture piece is Kenchikugaku. It functions on the same concept as Casulo, but this one is more focused on the kitchen. This small box can be changed into a dining table, cupboard or even into a bedroom. All in a beautiful white wooden design.

Space saving furniture pieces are available even for the bathroom. There is a thing called vertebrae that features a sink, toilet, storage space for shaving, cosmetics and bathing products and also a shower. You can adjust it based on your needs, using only one or two parts of it.

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Gallery of Space saving Furniture, efficient and elegant, for your small House
Interesting concept and simple design of escritoire and wardrobe and white bed with pillow and blanket and rack
A concept of room with wood floor and white wall with yellow table with red straight
Inspiring wastafel from wood and marmer in a wall and closet with steel spigots and simple rack
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Futuristic and amazing concept of furniture with desk all in one and bed with rack and office table with desk and comfortable office chair and PC
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Amazing concept of bathroom all in one and futuristic shower and closet with basin and cistern and storage
All purpose concept with orange sofa in glass room and double bed from the sofa

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