Spacious and modern Odenplan Apartment

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Beautiful Apartment In The Middle Of City With Yellow Coloring Combined With Glass Material Also In The Side Street

How can you make a room look busy and full, without making it overly crowded and cramped? Well, you can get some inspiration from the unique design of this Odenplan apartment. The most visible feature of this apartment that makes it stand out from others, is the furniture arrangement, which is excellently combined with the dark hardwood floor, used in all parts of the house except the bathroom.

This specific pad is located in Stockholm, close to the Odenplan Square; that’s why it is called the Odenplan apartment. The décor beautifully incorporates modernity as well as fashion, with a high, exclusive sense of style as the main theme. The apartment itself covers around 1,500 square feet and it includes 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a spacious room for entertainment. The lovely terrace is dominated by the color red, which looks very sexy and stylish.

Since the concept is all about a wide and open plan design, there are undefined barriers within each room. For instance, you can see in the image how the kitchen blends nicely with the dining room, and also the living room – which acts as the entertainment room. You can see that the kitchen countertops mix well with the dining tables and chairs, the pool table and also the sofa and coffee table. The room may seem busy and full, but somehow it doesn’t look cramped or too crowded. Everything seems to have its own place and spot, so it looks very neat and tidy.

Moreover, the mixture of colors makes everything vibrant and interesting. The white wall with dark wooden floors, looks surprisingly good when paired with the bold red rugs, black pool table and unique black dotted chairs. The kitchen comes in a more calm tone, an all-white theme. The counters, the island and even the bar stools are all white.

Beautiful Apartment With Yellow Coloring Combined With A Brown Coloring And Glass Window Also A Brown Roof

Billyard Board In The Middle Room With Comfortable Sofa And Many Pillows Also A Red Carpet

Black Wall Combined With Red Wall And Large Mirror Also White Washbowl And Flowers Vase

Circle Glass Windows With A Ceramics Wall And Unique Shower Also White Bathtub Combined With Brown Ceramic

Circle Table With Marmer Material Complete With A Modern Stove Also White Chair And White Cupboard

Gallery of Spacious and modern Odenplan Apartment
double size bed with flower motif complete with black and brown pillows also a white table and white standing lamp
beautiful apartment in the middle of city with yellow coloring combined with glass material also in the side street
large wall with glass material also red wall and white hedge also gray floor and a chair
circle glass windows with a ceramics wall and unique shower also white bathtub combined with brown ceramic
stainless steel table kitchen with a white cupboard combined with red wall and unique faucet  also a modern oven
opened door with white coloring on the white wall also a white blanket and yellow pillow
billyard board in the middle room with comfortable sofa and many pillows also a red carpet
circle table with marmer material complete with a modern stove also white chair and white cupboard
white chair with circle table with creamy and gray coloring also a stainless steel washbowl and unique faucet
gray floor combined with red wall and glass door with opened white door also white hedge
wooden floor with brown coloring combined with red carpet and white sofa complete with a billyard board
red standing lamp beside comfortable sofa with white sofa and res pillow also a unique chair and wooden chair
large white cupboard with white blanket and yellow pillows also wooden floor and flower vase
beautiful apartment with yellow coloring combined with a brown coloring and glass window also a brown roof
unique roof with many lamps also white coloring complete with many chair and billyard game
oval table and unique chairs with white coloring combined with white floor and many lamps
two washing mechine and stainless steel hanger on the ceramic wall complete with a mirror and white washbowl
red roof combined with yellow wall and green windows with glass window also white hedge
black wall combined with red wall and large mirror also white washbowl and flowers vase

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