Spacious Apartment near Central Park, New York

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This spacious apartment is located near Central Park, New York. It features big rooms and an assorted color theme for the pleasure seeker in the middle of town. This stylish apartment is also quite private for living.

Spacious Apartment near Central Park, New York

This spacious apartment is decorated on a natural base color and it keeps an assorted color theme creating a chic and beautiful space. Most of the furniture that is used in this apartment is made from marble and wood. The white walls are perfectly contrasted with different color combinations. The living room feels cozy with a beige arm chair and a wooden table. A dark fur rug neatly compliments the design of the living room. The living room and dining room are separated with a sliding door. The combination between the orange bar stool and the white color in the dining room make this area very stylish.

The bedroom, bathroom and the small rest room on the corner feature the same chic combinations with contrast colors. This spacious apartment is suitable for those who need more space in the density of the town. Share your thoughts!

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Spacious Apartment near Central Park, New York
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