Spacious Apartment with The Awesome Interior Design

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Broadway Cozy And Spacious Loft Apartment

Not all of apartment is created in super limited and small size. There are so many apartments that have big size of space and of course it will take a lot of money if you are attracted to get one. This wonderful spacious apartment is one of them. You can find this wonderful apartment in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. I believe it will catch your attention immediately after you take a look at them.

The Broadway Lofts is created in 1898. Firstly, it is made as McDonald’s Chocolate Factory, but now it changes a lot and transforms into a very beautiful apartment. This apartment is created with the modern style. Because of its big size and simple arrangement and furniture without too much details, this apartment finally can seem bigger and larger than its original size. You will find the big windows also here that has been covered by the modern white curtain. The glass windows make the spacious apartment seems bright because it brings so many natural light in. The white color is so dominant here. Seems cold, but clean and fresh too. The apartment also has the wood floor with the natural brown color. The dark brown combined with the modern furniture and wonderful rug above the seat in the living room can make it seem trendy.

The spots in this apartment are also created in the simplicity where the white color is still dominant. The bedrooms are created with the brown accents and it is so soft, but still stylish. The bathroom is coming without too much accents. It comes with the tiles details in the wall and combined with the glass details. The kitchen seems so modern with the wood material on the storage space. Here, the wood is so taking control to balance the super clean white color that can be found easily in all areas of this cozy and spacious loft apartment.

Broadway Cozy And Spacious Loft Apartment Bathroom Design

Broadway Cozy And Spacious Loft Apartment Bathtub

Broadway Cozy And Spacious Loft Apartment Bedroom

Broadway Cozy And Spacious Loft Apartment Bedroom Designs

Broadway Cozy And Spacious Loft Apartment Bedroom Details

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