Spacious Limantos Residence Designed by Fernanda Marques

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Awesome Living Room Decoration In Limantos Residence

All people have a dream to live in the best living space. Now, for all of you who are looking for the best residence design with a sunny open plan, you can check one of the masterpieces created by Fernanda Marques. She is one of best Brazilian architects and she created this residence with glazed walls and a large sun deck. This design is great because you can get some extra facilities, like a private swimming pool.

This spacious residence is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it has an open plan design. This is the best option, or concept for some residences in this area because this way, the inhabitants can enjoy the warm weather.

This stylish residence offers you the best sunshine yellow bathroom design that will make you really enjoy your bathing time and the warm weather from the outdoor area.

The interior and exterior of this spacious residence is very modern, it features stylish glass panels. This way the inhabitant can feel the fresh air in all the rooms in the house. In the morning or evening, all the family members can gather near the pool and they can enjoy all the activities in this area. The best relaxation spot of this house is near the swimming pool. The external lighting is very well placed making the residence look even more beautiful.

Bifold Doors In Limantos Residence

Closed In Spiral Stairs In Limantos Residence

Contemporary Fireplace In Limantos Residence

Formal Living Area In Limantos Residence

Low Coffee Table In Limantos Residence

Gallery of Spacious Limantos Residence Designed by Fernanda Marques
Bifold doors in limantos residence
the sun bed in limantos residence
wooden washing stand in limantos residence
the Sun deck in limantos residence
Suspended bubble chair in limantos residence
formal living area in limantos residence
Private swimming pool in limantos residence
awesome living room decoration in limantos residence
wooden stairs in limantos residence
Closed in spiral stairs in limantos residence
Tall shelving unit in limantos residence
Spiral stairs in limantos residence
Retractable walls in limantos residence
terrace of limantos residence
Sun balcony in limantos residence
Contemporary fireplace in limantos residence
Low coffee table in limantos residence

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