Spanish style Design with a Mediterranean charm

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Amusing Design House With Trees And Plants With Big And High Windows With Balkon And White Colors House

If you want your house décor to be vocal, unique and unusual, a Spanish style could be your best choice. This Mediterranean style has unique characteristics in comparison with other design styles. Asymmetrical buildings and curved roof tiles mixed with stucco exterior walls make the Spanish style one of the most luxurious designs you can find.

An asymmetric layout is the best way to emphasize the Spanish style, like intermixing square and round shapes for the exterior of the building. To be completely integrated in this style, the house should have a small space in the front for a small balcony. This is the perfect place to enjoy some tea in the afternoon, just place a simple table and some chairs. Another characteristic of the Spanish style is the arched doorway. You can opt for wood or stainless steel for the frame, it all depends on your personal taste. You can also arrange some bricks around the doorway.

The Spanish style is very connected to nature. That is why every Spanish house has a garden and a courtyard entrance, with plants along the footpath. You can choose trees or flowers, you just need to use your creativity to mix them in your garden. Don’t forget to build a fence in front of the house. Use a wooden material to get a classic look, you can paint it white or soft brown. You can also add a garden lamp, to keep it well lit during the night.

Exciting House With Minimalis And Nature Concepts With Plants And Green Grass With Big Windows An Redrooftile

Exciting House With Plants And Flowers And Wood Fences Smokestack And Trees

Inspiring Design House With Simple Garage And Red Rooftile And Yellow Colors With Trees And Plants

Inspiring House With Minimalis And Nature Concepts With Plants And Green Grass With Flowers  With Big Windows And Lawn Chairs

Interesting House With Amusing Design And Trees Concept And Plants With Smmokestack And Red Rooftile And White Color House

Gallery of Spanish style Design with a Mediterranean charm
Exciting house with plants and flowers and wood fences smokestack and trees
Inspiring house with minimalis and nature concepts with plants and green grass with flowers  with big windows and lawn chairs
Interesting house with nature concepts and some windows and red rooftile and white colors house and trees and plants
Mexican concept house with tree and plant and grass with red rooftile and semicircle entrance and smokestack
Mexican concept house with grass and trees and white house and red rooftile and smokestack
Inspiring design house with simple garage and red rooftile and yellow colors with trees and plants
Exciting house with minimalis and nature concepts with plants and green grass with big windows an redrooftile
Amusing design house with trees and plants with big and high windows with balkon and white colors house
Interesting house with amusing design and trees concept and plants with smmokestack and red rooftile and white color house
Nice white house with trees and balkon and red rooftile with pendant lamp

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