Sparkling Yellow Dinning Table in Your Yellow Apartment

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2013 Yellow Interior For Rooms Kitchens And Bathrooms Yellow Living Apartment

Colors always brings the freshness and uniqueness into your space. Especially the bright and cheerful colors such as the yellow, orange, and another eye catching colors. The colorful and playful theme is a favorite theme for the youth and young couples on their yellow apartment. This is because the cheerful color can bring the playful atmosphere that can represent their personality, character, and age. This color also will help you make your mood come better and, it can also help to increase the creativity for the employee if it is applied in the office building.

The same thing is also used on the Cooking & Living Concept by Logos. They create a wonderful and refreshing kitchen concept with the bright color touch. They use the combination between the modern and simple minimalist design on the boring white with the magic touch and eye catching yellow color. The yellow makes the dining table united with the kitchen and result an original design. Don’t you think that it seems more comfortable and stylish? The yellow apartment seems very striking between the white shelves in the kitchen. It can be a good focus for the kitchen, right?

The yellow table is so interesting to be placed in the middle of the square accent in the kitchen right? I personally think that this kitchen design seems like a living room for me. It serves the coziness and style in the same time. I don’t think that’s a bad idea to bring some friends to enjoy the coffee here. With some minimalist, but also interesting seat in the edge of this table, this kitchen can bring the fresh air inside a boring and cold white atmosphere around it. Combined with the full color details on the wall, don’t you think that this is a perfect combination? The thing that we can learn from this modern yellow living apartment is that we don’t have to bring too many colors just to get a cheerful look because playful atmosphere can come even with the small touch of color, right?

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Gallery of Sparkling Yellow Dinning Table in Your Yellow Apartment

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