Spend your Holiday in a relaxed Vietnam Villa

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Comfy Terrace Facilities With Sofa Lounge And Table Facing To The Long Swimming Pool With Green Plants On The Side Overlooking The Beautiful Sea View With Coconut Trees On The Side

Have you ever thought about going to Vietnam for your holiday? If you did, than you have to check out Mui Ne villa. Many tourists are talking about this Vietnam villa and say that you will not regret spending your holiday in it. The villa is placed on the seaside, giving a perfect view to the beautiful sea. It also offers a relaxing outdoor facility and a comfy interior that is just perfect for your holiday. Once you visit it, we are sure that you will want to come back.

This Vietnam villa has a green yard with a nice lawn, plants and trees. This gives a beautiful outlook for the guests and keeps the air fresh. The coconut trees are dancing along with the sea wind that blows in a light breeze. The comfy wooden lounges are just perfect to enjoy the beautiful nature. You can lounge around the yard or explore the beautiful surrounding and even sunbathe under the hot sun. If you like to swim, but don’t like the salty water of the sea, this Vietnam villa also features a modern swimming pool in the yard. You can swim in the pool, but still keep the sea atmosphere, while enjoying the fresh breeze. On the pool deck, comfy sofa lounges and tables are set to create a relaxing space for the guests.

The interior of the house is set in an open floor plan with large sliding glass windows and a folding glass door. This design enables the guests to enjoy the beautiful nature outside, from inside the house. It also allows the breezy sea wind to get inside. This Vietnam villa has a very relaxed and fulfilling feel to it.

The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and the rest of the rooms are all connected to the outside nature; whether it is through the glass windows glass or glass doors. When you are resting on your bed, for example, you would still be able to enjoy the beautiful sea view with its exotic waves, just like you would see it from the outside. It is such a happy and memorable vacation spot. If you decide to give it a chance don’t forget to pin your holiday pictures!

Contemporary Living Room With Sofa Lounges And Ottoman Also Floor Lamp And Electrical Fan On The Ceiling Facing To The Yard And Sea View In Front Through Glass Sliding Door

Flouting Wooden Staircase With Glass Railing Above The Water Pool And Also Green Plants On The Side With Tiles Floor Also Much Natural Light From The Ceiling

Lounge Bed With Wooden Headboard As Extension Table With Chair Also Planter And Table Lamp Facing To The Terrace With Sofa Lounge And Seats Also Swimming Pool Through Folding Glass Door

Modern White House With Open Floor Design And Green Yard Also Modern Swimming Pool With Wooden Lounges On The Deck Also On The Yard

Open Bed Room In Spacious Design With Large White Bed And Pillow Also Wooden Headboard With Planter And Tiles Floor Next To The Large Windows Glass Overlooking The Beautiful Sea View

Gallery of Spend your Holiday in a relaxed Vietnam Villa
relaxed yard with green lawn and wooden lounges next to the spacious terrace with comfy sears and bench also modern swimming pool on the side of green fence
contemporary living room with sofa lounges and ottoman also floor lamp and electrical fan on the ceiling facing to the yard and sea view in front through glass sliding door
spacious living room interior with large sofa lounge and pillows also wide rectangular wooden table with planter and abstract painting on the wall next to the dining room
open bed room in spacious design with large white bed and pillow also wooden headboard with planter and tiles floor next to the large windows glass overlooking the beautiful sea view
white sofa lounge with planter on the side also wall decoration and next to wide windows glass covered in wooden blinds with much natural light and also lower foor of the house
flouting wooden staircase with glass railing above the water pool and also green plants on the side with tiles floor also much natural light from the ceiling
modern white house with open floor design and green yard also modern swimming pool with wooden lounges on the deck also on the yard
open floor kitchen with white island in glossy surface also barstool and modern tools with refrigerator overlooks green plants and water pool under the staircase
lounge bed with wooden headboard as extension table with chair also planter and table lamp facing to the terrace with sofa lounge and seats also swimming pool through folding glass door
comfy terrace facilities with sofa lounge and table facing to the long swimming pool with green plants on the side overlooking the beautiful sea view with coconut trees on the side

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