Spend your time in this Fiji Retreat

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Amazing Views From Fiji Retreat With Private Pool And Lounge On Concrete Flooring With Fences

You absolutely deserve a comforting holiday or at least a weekend after finishing your tasks at the office. If you feel the need to take a luxurious vacation, you may be interested in spending a few days in this Fiji retreat. Located in Japan, this retreat was created by the Australian designing studio, Madeleine Blanchfield Architects. They created a magical atmosphere that you will end up calling your personal heaven on earth.

This Fiji retreat is designed to make you escape from your busy life and boredom. This is the most relaxing destination, since it’s richly finished and equipped with all the necessary things for a quality vacation. The main material used in this retreat design is wood. The neutral characteristic of the wood mix very well with the other components of the rooms. The light brown wooden wall is combined very well with the sophisticated and modern bed, bath tub and dining sets. But the best part is the beautiful view over Mount Fiji in the living room.

The rooms aren’t left plain with the wooden accents; the paintings and traditional art-works perfectly complement the appearance of this Fiji retreat. The bedroom looks nice in a full wooden design. The bed has a modern white bedding, while the bathroom continues the natural wood theme. The white tub and clean basin are outstanding. The dreamiest space here is the balcony. There is a sunbathing chair in dark brown surrounded by a strong solid black gate. This is truly a perfect retreat to relax in!

Exciting Wooden Decoration Fiji Retreat With White Wall And Floating Bed Design With White Bedding And Blind Windows

Fiji Retreat In Amazing Design Architectural With Wooden Accent Decor And Nice Garden Design

Fiji Retreat Patio With Wooden Decoration With Wooden Deck With Plants Climbing

Impressive Design For Open Plan Dining Room With White Paint Wall And Wooden Dining Sets And Retractable Door

Open Plan Bathroom Design In White Paint Wall And Wooden Decor With Standalone Tub Also Floating Vanities For Fiji Retreat

Gallery of Spend your time in this Fiji Retreat
fiji retreat in amazing design architectural with wooden accent decor and nice garden design
impressive design for open plan dining room with white paint wall and wooden dining sets and retractable door
fiji retreat patio with wooden decoration with wooden deck with plants climbing
spacious and cozy fiji retreat living room with leather cahirs and stylish sofa design with wooden decoration ideas
open plan bathroom design in white paint wall and wooden decor with standalone tub also floating vanities for fiji retreat
exciting wooden decoration fiji retreat with white wall and floating bed design with white bedding and blind windows
amazing views from fiji retreat with private pool and lounge on concrete flooring with fences

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