Stripped Back Style to Create Sophisticate Room

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For all of you who like with sophisticate room design, you can try to have similar room design likes what is offered by Archiplastica. You will be able to explore of your room especially when you are living in apartment. There are some designs that you can see and you will be able to create sophisticated design when you use stripped back style in your room. There are some examples of sophisticated design in the apartment. You can check Lipki apartment in Ukraine. This apartment is made in very minimalist design with stark white wall and also low level of sofa with contemporary design. You will only find black, gray and also white color in this apartment.

Gray color for the furniture in the living room will look good when you combine with white kitchen counter or white dining room area. In the living room, we can also find unique wall that is featured with concrete industrial look. There is flat screen TV on the wall and it will become the best place to gather with all family members. This apartment uses best lighting option too. In the kitchen area, you will not feel bored because you can see interesting views from this room.

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Gallery of Stripped Back Style to Create Sophisticate Room
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