Dramatic and beautiful Stripped Interior Ideas

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Baby Bedroom With Stripes Motif And Some Of Wall Decor In The White Wall And Two Yellow Lamps With Single Sofa And Alphabet Pillows On

Stripped accents are becoming increasingly popular in interior design. The stripped interior ideas we are presenting in today’s post create a modern sensation, combining two or more colors to create a beautiful gradation effect. If you like minimalist styles, these stripped interior ideas are the perfect choice for you. These contemporary designs will help you create the most alluring interiors you can imagine.

The versatility of a stripped pattern can be applied in every space and on any furniture that you use in your interior design. The easiest way to incorporate stripes into your décor is through the walls. The large spaces of the walls allow you to design creative patterns. Stripes can also be used on furniture, like chairs, and also on other décor elements in your home, like curtains or drapes, rugs and carpets, and so on. Not to mention that you can create an unconventional ambience in your interiors using stripped accents on the ceiling, as presented in the pictures below.

Stripped interior ideas can be easily incorporated in every space in your home. You can use them to decorate your living room, your dining space and kitchen island. The bedroom, both the master and kids’ room, is also a perfect space to use stripped accents. Don’t’ forget to mix the colors to produce matching decors. The more gradation you use, the more beautiful your interior will look. Don’t forget to share your designs!

Black And White Stripes Back The Black Bed With Some Of Pillows And Two Unique Lamps On The Black Little Desk And Ethnic Carpet On The Black Floor

Black And White Stripes Carpet With White Sofa And Some Pillows On Also There A Little Red Desk In The Middle And Classic Lamp On The Glass Desk On The Corner With Big Painting In The White Wall

Blue Sofa With Some White Pillows With White Desk And Some Fruits On Also A Pot Of Flower In The Stripes Carpet And There Two Single Sofa With Glass Door

Brown Sofa With White Feather Pillow And Black Desks With Some Glass On Also There A Cow Pattern Of Single Sofa In The Grey Feather Carpet With White Firebox Beside The Window

Colorful Carpet Under Two White Desk With Some Three Bottle Glass And Two Bottle Glass Of Branch Also There Black Sofa With Some Red And Black Pillows

Gallery of Dramatic and beautiful Stripped Interior Ideas
stripes wall back the flat tv with a plant in the pot and some cream sofa with pillows also there a black desk on the brown feather carpet
stripes kitchen desk with black chairs in the marmer floor and three little unique lamps in the roof also white kitchen shelf with ovens
baby bedroom with stripes motif and some of wall decor in the white wall and two yellow lamps with single sofa and alphabet pillows on
stripes roof with glass window with white sofa and some blue motif pillows also a white desk and white shelf in the wall with some books and objects in
stripes carpet with a black doll on also there a black bed with ethnic bedcover and a cat pictures in the wall and a black lamp in the roof
blue sofa with some white pillows with white desk and some fruits on also a pot of flower in the stripes carpet and there two single sofa with glass door
stripes wallpaper in bathroom with wood wardrobe in the middle and wood handle for towel also there a white washbasin with logam shower and white closet
luxury white lamp in the roof with striped wallpaper and white shelf and wood desk also there some wood chair and green classic sofa
stripes wall in a red colour with glass door bathroom also there a logam shower and a red carpet with red shelf with miror and a towel in the handle
green bol stripes wallpaper with painting on the bed with green stripes pillow and green blanket in the wood floor with some magazines and a pot of plant
black and white stripes carpet with white sofa and some pillows on also there a little red desk in the middle and classic lamp on the glass desk on the corner with big painting in the white wall
two bed with black blanket and two green chair in the motif carpet with stripes wall back the bed also white shelf under the white window
stripes wall with some of pictures and black sofa with wood desk and some of books in also there a white decor image and a motif sofa too
stripes wallpaper with classic window and white bath with logam shower also there a orange towel and classic single sofa in the grey carpet
stripes curtain in the glass window in the cream wall with some pictures and white sofa with some motif pillows and a green desk with white decor
puppies theme for boys bedroom with line motif in the carpet and some puppies in the basket also cream bed with some pillows with puppies motif and a star in the wood wall
elegant dining room wit some of wood chair and red desk with some pot of flowers on also there some window with black curtain and the modern design of the roof
stripes wall in front of the kitchen with wood desk and wood floor also there a yellow carpet under a white desk and there a logam chimny in the roof
striped wallpaper with some of pictures and an ethnic shelf with black lamps on and there a bed with ethnic blanket and two unique pillows on the brownie carpet
two flowery single chairs with a grey sofa on the cream carpet and the stripes wall with some of pictures in the wall and two shelf with abojects in and single miror with unique design
elegant room with stripes chair and white firebox also black desk with some of object on and ethnic curtain in the white window and black sofa
yellow single sofa with black shelf and some objects on also there some decor in the stripes wallpaper and the floor closed by the blue carpet
colorful carpet under two white desk with some three bottle glass and two bottle glass of branch also there black sofa with some red and black pillows
brown sofa with white feather pillow and black desks with some glass on also there a cow pattern of single sofa in the grey feather carpet with white firebox beside the window
stripes wall with wood door and wood floor also there an ethnic lamps in the roof and some of pictures in the wall
flowery wallpaper back of the white and brown bed with some of pillows and a sofa in the corner with a wood shelf and pictures on
stripes wallpaper with a painting on the brown bedcover in the bed with some pillows also there two lamps on the wood desk
colorful striped wall back of the flat tv on the white desk with a blue sofa and a white desk with a bowl of fruits on the yellow carpet and there a white shelf
white stripes sofa with some pilows and two difference single sofa with wood desk and a pot of plant on also there a wood chair too beside the firebox with a shelf on top
red stripes with red shelf and an objects in also a red pillow in the white bed with stripes bedcover and there a red desk with white chair
white sofa with some colorful pillows and a white desk in the stripes carpet also there a grey single chair with gold lamp in the roof with glass wall and some of flowers plastic in the corner
stripes classic room with logam line of the miror and some books under the white classic desk also there two marmer desk on the brown feather carpet with four single sofa
white desk and some object also two lamps on with two white chair with grey spons and two pictures in the stripes wall with a pot of plant in the brown floor
stripes black and white wall with a miror also some towel in the logam handle and a pot of flower on the white desk
stripes roof with glass window to see outside view and white sofa with little desk and a shelf of bottles in other side
stripes curtain in the white window with the buddist image in the middle also there a black sofa with stripes pillow and a nuddist painting in the wall
stripes wall with two pictures and grey sofa with wood desk and bucket of flower on also there a single chair in the wood floor and an unique lamp in the roof
cream bedroom with cream bed and brown bedcover with cream carpet in the floor also a cream rack with lamp on and single sofa too
black and white stripes back the black bed with some of pillows and two unique lamps on the black little desk and ethnic carpet on the black floor
rainbow stripes in kitchen with flowery basket and rainbow carpet too also there a pot of plant and a pot of flower with some shelf in the white wall with lot of objects in

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