Stunning Decorations for a relaxing Home

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When you’re dreaming of a house that feels like Heaven I’m sure that it’s something like this home in Sau Paulo, Brazil. Architect Fernanda Marques has developed her creative idea of an enchanting design to build this home. Really, this home offers a lovely place to live in and it comes with stunning decorations that make it look luxurious.

In the front of this lovely home there is a large swimming pool and an overhang that features wooden flooring, a sofa and comfy basking seats for the perfect relaxing spot, surrounded by a big palm tree and other greenery. Looking fresh, right?

Stunning Decorations for a relaxing Home

The living room features many sofas: a brown large sofa, a grey rocking sofa and a white chair. So when all of your relatives visit your home, this space can encompass them in a nice vibe. While the small hammock, hung in the staircase will, will cheer up the entire ambiance, along with the crowded decorations on the opened shelves. The bathroom is designed in an elegant style and it features a yellow wall, a wooden tub, a glass mirror, a pendant lighting and a fresh orange flower. This home is mesmerizing, right?

Gallery of Stunning Decorations for a relaxing Home
Glamouros home design brown colored and a rectangle swimming pool and some shady trees on its side
Fascinating exterior home design with white floor anf cream colored upper wall and wooden floo on the lower ground with four relaxing bed by the pool side
Amazing home exterior design with yellow color on far side wall and some furnitures and wooden floor and some
Amusing home design with orderly relaxing bed and rounded white chair anf some unique furnitures ans woodenstylish ceiling with silver doors on far side
Inspiring home disign with a pair od long grey sofa and a rounded black table with some furniture and flowers  and a brown wooden stair in the white wall room with orange chair
Amsing living room with ligth grey sofa and a a rectangle black table with some book and flower on the dark grey floor with wooden style ceiling
Fascinating interior home with yellow mirron and a picture of an old woman on the white painted wall and a long wooden wastafel and some unique furniture on the right side
Awesome bath room with two wooden bath thubs with three red roses and four floating lights and  painted by white and yellow color
Fascinating living room with three chairs and one red ros in the middle on the rounded table and white flooe with wooden ceiling and upper right wall
Amazing home design with a sets of sofa  and a rounded white stair
Inspiring white spiral stair and brown step and a wooden straight stair with glasses fence on its side
Stunning Decorations for a relaxing Home
Amazing exterior home design with glassy wall and some orange lights and some relaxing sofa and with a bit palm tree nex to the big swimming pool
Amazing home design with a white rounded stair and wooden floor with some furnitures and some amazing trees on its right hand side
Inspiring storage design with wooden cabinet and light broen bookcase with wall hook and a sets of brown chair

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