Stunning G House in Italy designed by Lorenzo Guzzini

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Alluring Interior Home Design With Two Window Glasses And Comfortable White Sofa With Its Pillows On The Wooden Floor And A Classic Music Player In The Middle Room

This stunning G house in Italy looks so amazing! It has a strong base and an awesome facade. Actually, this enchanting house in Italy was created by the skillful architect, Lorenzo Guzzini, who designed this home with two stories and a white theme. This way an immaculate effect is created. And the steel gate gives a strong touch to the exterior design.

Entering the living room, you will first notice the spacious feel of the place, then the white sleek sofa and the white ottoman on the wooden flooring. While on the other side, the wooden chair with a large wooden table is perfectly arranged to create an enjoyable dining room. The wooden cupboard is equipped to get nice storage for you dining tools. The white wall is designed with a harsh surface and a square pattern to avoid a monotonous view. The stand lamp enlightens the room at night.

The kitchen is built in a narrow space and it’s filled with wooden appliances. There is a wooden kitchen island and table on a wooden backdrop. This retro décor is perfect for cooking a nice meal. The bedroom is designed in a large space and it features a smooth brown sofa bed with and wooden flooring. Another great space in this house in Italy is the bathroom, where the classical style is created by continuing the white theme and by adding the wooden base to the bathtub and sink.

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Alluring interior home design with two window glasses and comfortable white sofa with its pillows on the wooden floor and a classic music player in the middle room
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