Stunning silver Kitchen Appliances and Washing Machines

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Brown Murmer Floor With Colorfull Box And Some Cleaner Tool In The White Wall And Two Washers With White Color And Window With Two Pictures And Ed Color Wall

Forget about colorful decorations for a while because today we explore some stunning kitchen furniture pieces in lavish silver. There is no doubt that silver is an alluring color which evokes elegance. Limited to the design of the back side of the house, today’s post will concentrate on silver kitchen appliances and washing machines.

Silver is a gorgeous color that is also very flexible. No wonder that many people use this color in their interior design, especially for their kitchen appliances, and now, you might be one of them! If you check out the image, the kitchen decor below looks majestic, because it utilizes silver for the counter-tops, storage spaces and partition. The color of the refrigerator, a beautiful dark silver, really accentuates the beauty of the space.

To complement the silver hues, you can use white to color the dining room and floor. By using these two colors, you will create a spacious room. Moreover, if you use large glass for the window and partition, it will look perfect.

When it comes to the washing machines, you should think about placing them on a dark background. Use dark colors for the walls to create a beautiful contrast, especially if your washing machines are white or silver. To avoid clutter use special storage and counter systems like in the images below. Feeling tempted to use silver kitchen appliances in your home? Don’t forget to share your results!

Little Dog In Murmer Floor White Color And Two Washer With Blue Color And Big Rack Shoes And Towels With Brown Boxs Also Green Wall And Some Picture

Modern And Simple Kitchen Set With White Color And Marmer Floor And Some Big Rack With White Colored And Simple Wash Basin Also Modern Icebox And Glass Window

Modern Kitchen Set And Big Black Color Of Icebox And Some Mirror Back Of Chair Also Table With Of Stack Apples And Glass Window With Backyard View

Gallery of Stunning silver Kitchen Appliances and Washing Machines
modern and simple kitchen set with white color and marmer floor and some big rack with white colored and simple wash basin also modern icebox and glass window
brown murmer floor with colorfull box and some cleaner tool in the white wall and two washers with white color and window with two pictures and ed color wall
little dog in murmer floor white color and two washer with blue color and big rack shoes and towels with brown boxs also green wall and some picture
modern kitchen set and big black color of icebox and some mirror back of chair also table with of stack apples and glass window with backyard view

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