Stunning Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

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Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas Baby Blue Cabinets White Desk Purple Chair White Floor White Transparent Curtain

Having twin daughter is interesting. It means that you have to prepare everything in double or twin too. Especially in building the bedroom for them. Although they are twin it doesn’t mean that they have the same taste in designing their bedroom. But you can make twin bedroom in the same time. You can ask their own design after that, you can build the rooms in the same time. Here, I will show the pictures of twin girl bedroom ideas for your twin daughter.

The first room, this is the colorful design. You can combine various colors in the bedroom. It is just like the color of the candy. Hence, the colorful polka dot wallpaper in one of the wall is suitable for this bedroom. You can also give the similar pattern on the ceiling. Then, you may put white bed frame to the room. Finally, put the white rug in front of the bed and add the white cabinets there. This design is really wonderful. The colorful bedroom makes the situation cheerful.

The second room, this room is little bit different with the first room. The theme of this room is more girly by placing small wall decorations on the wall. You can put the white bed with storage and the pink cabinets in the room. The dark pink mirror and the dark pink sofa in the room will complete the furniture. You can also put circle pink mats around the room. Finally, you can give the white ball lantern shades in the middle of the room. It is so beautiful and girly.
These tween girl bedroom decorating ideas are fantastic you can create two rooms in the same time. The first step is asking the design of your twin daughter. Ask them to draw their ideas; those make you easy to design.

Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas Blue Wall White Table Blue Bedcover

Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas Floral Wallpaper Circle Pink MAts White Cupboard

Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas Flower Bedcover White Circle Shelves Black Wooden Floor

Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas Orange Wall Orange Mosquito Net White Bed White Blinds

Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas Polka Dot Wallpaper Polka Dot Ceiling Purple Curtain Purple Wall

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