Stylish and Inviting Black and White Dining Room

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Black & White Dining Room LaurieFlower 011

People always busy to renovate their space design to follow the trend. But, they don’t realize that there is a simple way to create a design which can last longer than the others. There is nothing else, but applying the neutral colors. The colors like white and black are common colors which is so adaptable and follow the trend in many era and period. Even it seems so conventional and classic, but I don’t think if the combination between them will create a boring look. The black and white can be a perfect combination if you know they way to arrange them. Just take a look at this black and white dining room display and, seriously, you will understand about what I mean.

These dining room designs are dominated with those interesting colors. The black and white are applied perfectly in many spots beginning from the wall, floor, even some furniture too. You will be surprised to see how interesting is these furniture which created in many shape and designs beginning from the modern, minimalist, until the perfect classical shape. Combined with the cute wallpaper behind the furniture, seems awesome, right? The pattern above it has shown us a perfect beauty.

Besides playing with the pattern on the wall, some pattern can also be found on the tablecloth and seats. Then, the designers of these spaces also add the functionality of this black & white dining room like as the pretty shelves to keep some stuff inside it. The additional items like as hanging chandelier and some pictures and paintings are placed on the wall. Then, some plats that set around the dining area bring the refreshing and natural look too like the flower with its pretty colors hat also placed above the tabletop. So perfect, right? Who says that black and white is boring?

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