Stylish Flipped House Design with Awesome Atmosphere

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Contemporary Flipped House Design Bathroom

When we are talking about the trend nowadays, I will say that this is the era of the simplicity which can be represented by the modern architecture with the simple, but stylish look. That is why there are so many modern buildings stand in many sides of the city because as we know if this design is leading on the most favorite designs list. The same thing can also be found easily inside this Flipped House design. The Flipped House is coming not only with its stunning design, but it also brings the awesome location and environment with the wonderful landscape. Here, they serve two. Style and location.

The Flipped House design is coming from the magic hands of the designers from MCK Architects. Might be this home can be one of the most interesting home design in New South Wales, Sydney Australia, because this home is not only come with the super trendy style, but it is also set with the green landscape outside that gives an awesome view. This home is so unique because it is flipped with the park outside to get a bigger connection with the environment around it. And, the reconstruction of this home can totally make the old look from the home that created in 1960 disappears and changes into a minimalist and contemporary home with the combination of the traditional touch.

The simple and minimalist design of the Flipped House can perfectly blend with the wood accents in the home. The wood is dominant in the interior design of this house and applied in the floors, walls, and floors. The design can serve a perfect collaboration with the concrete and stone which also takes place on this home. The design with the glass walls that can give the awesome open area inside this home, I believe you will get many access to enjoy the scenery that combined with the airy and cozy swimming pool outside this contemporary flipped house design.

Contemporary Flipped House Design Dining Area

Contemporary Flipped House Design Entertainment Room

Contemporary Flipped House Design Entrance

Contemporary Flipped House Design Exterior

Contemporary Flipped House Design Exterior Garden

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