Subway Bathroom from Modern To Classical

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Bathroom Inspiration Subway Furniture Design Ideas

Subway can be a great inspiration for people in architecture including to creating a subway bathroom. Creating this type of bathroom means you need to get some good subway bathroom furniture to be brought inside your bathroom in your home. Sometimes bring a new thing like as this subway bathroom designs inside your home can be good thing to do, right?

Do you like the cheerful colors? The Subway 2.0 bathroom utilities collection from Villeroy & Boch is coming with this idea. It comes with many form, beginning from the strong lines such that finally form the square until the soft shape such as curve and circular accent that filled the room. All of them are combined with the cheerful tiles and easy to clean utilities. All of the bathroom here is seemed like a cute modern subway more than you expect.

The subway bathroom here is created in many concepts. Beginning from the minimalist modern bathroom until the awesome bathroom that filled by luxury. I love the simple modern one with the cheerful colors. They can perfectly blend the modern and easy clean utilities with many colors in the walls, floors, and other aspect. The red on the wall is so powerful while the blue shelves seems great to be combined with the white walls.

The blue accent that combined with the soft brown walls and carpet creates a semi classical bathroom. The brown walls bring some classical touch. But, the metal and glass accent make the modernity appears and giving the contemporary touches to the bathroom.

You can make a different theme with the different color just like what we can see in the brown bathroom. The same utilities, but created in different accent finally result an amazing luxurious bathroom with the classical look. Combined with the brown curtain, the luxury comes more appear here.

Clean Modern Subway Bathroom Design

Exclusive Subway Inspired Bathroom Design

Modern Subway Bathroom Design

Modern Subway Bathroom Furniture Ideas

Modern Subway Inspired Bathroom Design

Gallery of Subway Bathroom from Modern To Classical
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