Summer Vacation Villa in Sweden, the perfect Place for a relaxing Holiday

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Bedroom With Large Bed In Black And White Design Aslo Warm Rug And Wide Windows Glass Covered With  Brown Curtain

Once more, a summer vacation villa in Sweden draws our attention. Nilsson Villa has a modern transparent design and it’s a relaxing facility that also features a beautiful nature view. This villa will make a lovely place to spend your holiday with your family, friends or your loved one. The atmosphere of the villa is perfect to relax in and get away from the daily stress.

This villa features a black façade with many glass elements, emphasizing the modern design. The yard has a modern swimming pool with fresh water and a wooden deck on the side. You can enjoy swimming in the pool while enjoying the atmosphere and also the sea view, in front. The comfortable sofa and the chair on the side of the pool provides a nice place to spend time in the outdoors. The wooden staircase with the glass railing leads you to the upper terrace of the villa.

On the side of the house you can find a wooden walk pathway, with tiny stone decorations on the side leading to the side entry. The interior of the villa is designed in a modern style with an open floor plan. The kitchen features a white cabinet, wooden flooring and a wooden storage space with glass covers. The white flouting staircase inside the villa, with the large windows on the side, connects the lower and the upper floors of the villa. The office desk and chair under the staircase makes a comfortable place to take care of your work emergencies.

The living room with the modern sofa and many pillows on it, is comfortable and relaxing. You can spend time here, when you want to stay in, while overlooking the sea view in front. The tranquil bedroom features a white and black theme with large windows on the side of the bed. This is really perfect to take a nap after a fun day outside. This is the perfect place to spoil yourself!

Bright Living Room With Much Natural Light From The Windows Glass And Modern White Sofa With Some Pillow Also Fun Painting On The Wall

Flouting Staircase In White Color Next To The Wide Windows Glass And Sliding Glass Door With Office Desk And Chair Under The Staircase

Modern Bathroom With Rounded Bath Tub And Wooden Flouting Cabinet With Porcelain Sink And Stainless Steel Faucet With Large Mirror Above It

Modern Tranparent House In Black Facade And Many Glass Element Also Staircase With Wooden Railing Facing To The Yard With Modern Swimming Pool And Comfy Seat Also Some Planters

Upstairs Terrace With Wooden Floor And Glass Railing Also Windows Glass On The Side Overlooking The Sea In Front And Beautiful Horizon

Gallery of Summer Vacation Villa in Sweden, the perfect Place for a relaxing Holiday
modern bathroom with rounded bath tub and wooden flouting cabinet with porcelain sink and stainless steel faucet with large mirror above it
upstairs terrace with wooden floor and glass railing also windows glass on the side overlooking the sea in front and beautiful horizon
flouting staircase in white color next to the wide windows glass and sliding glass door with office desk and chair under the staircase
wooden facade of the house in dark gray color and strip horizontal design also windows glass and door facing to the yard with wooden walk pathway and stone decor on the ground
white interior kitchen and dining room with modern table and black chair alsowhite pendant lamps on the wooden floor is tranparent with  large windows glass on the side
bedroom with large bed in black and white design aslo warm rug and wide windows glass covered with  brown curtain
wooden deck on the side of modern swimming pool with comfy lounge chair also black rectangular table and some planters overlooking the green plants and beautiful sea in  the distant
bright living room with much natural light from the windows glass and modern white sofa with some pillow also fun painting on the wall
wooden deck on the terrace with  glass railing and sliding glass door also windows and modern fire place on the wall with glass cover
modern tranparent house in black facade and many glass element also staircase with wooden railing facing to the yard with modern swimming pool and comfy seat also some planters

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