Super Expensive Hover Beds

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Floating Air Bed Design Frame

If you are the fan of Harry Potter and wondering about the hover beds and what it feels like to sleep in the air, this awesome bed will help you make it real. These magnetic hover bed is coming with the modern style with futuristic look. These amazing magnetic hover bed floats on air. These bed seems like doesn’t have any legs and just tethered on the ground and make it seem like floating. Might be these thing is the reason that makes it comes so expensive.

Seven years of research can bring this idea comes true. They finally create a magical floating bed with the futuristic shape. Actually, this bed isn’t really floating. But, the legs that they have here is so small and almost invisible. This bed is also also featured the awesome non-degrading magnetic system that is almost to be found in the common bed. This technology is used to support the super small legs that have been used to hold the total weight of the bed. Just an information, these bed is strong enough to hole five hundred pounds of body weight.

This bed has super simple frame. It uses a simple thick board that is painted in dark black color. The dark color seems striking in the top of the invisible buffer. I believe it will be so great to be placed in the middle of modern bedroom. But, the bedroom must be big enough because the legs are splay out of the bed frame.

If you are interested in having one on your home, you should prepare 1,6 million dollar to buy it. Then, if you ask why is this thing so expensive and how can the price of a bed is as expensive as a home, they answer is because this technology is new in these industry. Janjaap Ruijssenaars is an inventor.

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