Super Modern Square Shiny Bathroom Furniture

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Bathroom Sink Shiny

This shiny bathroom is a cool creation of Stemik Living. The great shiny bathroom tiles design that you can see here can be a big source of inspiration for you who has any idea to bring this concept inside your home. This shiny bathroom floor tiles comes with the modern look and design that will deliver you into a modern lifestyle.

This pretty bathroom is created to show the urban lifestyle with the clean lines, contemporary black accent, and of course the elegant and luxury atmosphere which finally can make this bathroom has the same impress with a designer showroom.

What makes this glossy and shiny? It is because the Onyx bathroom furniture has the black mirror layer to hide the metal frame. You can see many of them are created in the square shape to show the simplicity and flexibility. The shape is chosen to make the modern theme of the bathroom getting stronger. Features the minimalist colors such as grey, black, and white, the overall design can represent the real urban lifestyle in the modern era nowadays.

The dark furniture sink has pull-out drawers under it to give more storage space to maximize the storage system. The sink also has many types of shape. Beginning from the super modern grey square one until the white one. All of them can be perfectly combined with the square shape of the furniture under it. Some different shape of mirror that placed on the topside of the sink gives different touch as a balance of the square form that used in another furniture inside it. Even without using the traditional ceramic or the wood touch, this bathroom still can bring the feeling of luxury behind the minimalist and simple look. The color, shape, light, and arrangement can perfectly blend. This shiny bathroom is so awesome, right?

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