Surprising $50 Million Luxury Home Mansions

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Home Mansion Hostel Designs

Having a nice holiday in a luxury home mansions can be an unforgettable experience for everyone. This is can be a good reason to creating your own luxury home plan mansions. I will bring you to the Span to learn more about the real luxury mansion home designs.

I will bring you to a wonderful Spanish hilltop villa. Trust me, it has a really big of size with a shocking price. You need just prepare a lot of money because you have to pay $2500 for every square feet. The Cielo de Bonaire is located in a beautiful area in Mallorca Mallorca with many beautiful scenery of the nature. This area is surrounded by the hill. And, this home is taking place in the hillside. You will get the best view from the city because this huge home is taking place in the perfect area. You can also enjoy the beautiful atmosphere from the Alcúdia and Pollensa bay because this home is on between two of this wonderful bay.

Talking about the overall design, this mansion is so special. It mostly like a Greek old building with two huge pole near the entry. You will find another big poles in the edge of the indoor swimming pool too. If you like to swimming, this home will not disappoint you. It has two super big swimming pool. You can just choose the best place for you to swim. The first one is indoor swimming pool with the big glass window to present the pretty view outside. And, the other one is the outdoor swimming pool that can give you access to enjoy surroundings.

You will be surprised to see this home in the night. Very pretty with many lamp that illuminate it. Wonderful and amazing. Now I understand why we must pay $50 Million for this home.

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