Sustainable Karuna House designed by Holst Architecture

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Alluring Home Design With White Coloreed Combined With Wooden Stylish Exterior With A Glass Bay At The Corner In Enthrall Panoramic Views With Spacious Lawn

Holst Architecture designed an enchanting house with a sustainable concept. Located in Willamette Valley, the Karuna house is built in a beautiful green environment. You will feel really cozy in a fresh scenery like this. The rectangular shape of the house, with its flat roof, is used to emphasize the minimalist style. The wooden, concrete and glass materials are used to create a compact combination. The wooden wall is decorated with horizontal stripes to break the monotony. Meanwhile, the glass wall is intended to create a translucent view to be able to capture the exquisite view outside.

Going inside, the first thing you see is the wooden staircase with a glass rail. In the kitchen, the classical style is created by using a wooden décor, in the flooring, drawer and cupboard. The white kitchen island is meant to add some contrast in the brown theme, while the glass table in the dining room has comfy chairs to create the perfect dining space.

The green ambiance is reflected by the green grass in the yard and some big trees. You can enjoy the fresh air every second of every day. Are you feeling challenged to get a house design like this? Don’t forget to share your results!

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Gallery of Sustainable Karuna House designed by Holst Architecture
Amusing exterior home side with tidy pattio and black cozy pabble in front of glass bay with sleeking lawn in front of wooden stylish wall
Fascinating exterior home design with wooden style wall combined with light cream colored wall on the other seide and full glasses windows with a low ironic stairs with glasses fence
Amazing home design with wooden furniture in transculent glass window in wooden wall with white stairs on wooden floor
Fascinating exterior home side design with a pabbles between mosaic floor and glassy big window covered by aluminium curtain with green palnts background on the far side
Fascinating exterior home design with cozzy wooden wall and impeccable glass windows on verdant front yard with leafy grenery background
Fascinating interior home desihn with wooden staircase in front of glass bay with wooden frame and a sorrel carpet
Amusing exterior home design with a light creal colored wall between woodesn stylish exterior with bay windows and a low wooden stairs with ironic frame and glassy fence
Modern kitchen design with kitchen appliance on glossy countertop and a wooden cup on a dining table with armeless chairs below a long floating lamp
Pretentoious home design with flatt attic on impeccable white exterior and brighten up wooden room with sleek lawn on twilight views
Amazing exterior ome side design with wooden floor combinated with wooden stair in front of glass window in beige frame in front of cozy lawn
Alluring home design with white coloreed combined with wooden stylish exterior with a glass bay at the corner in enthrall panoramic views with spacious lawn
Interesting exterior home design with a wooden layer between light cream colored wall with a bay window and a long silver door built on a grassy lawn
Comfortable interior home design with modern kitchen with lavish kitchen appliance in a big white shelf behinf a glass dinnig table with six armless chairs

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