Sweet Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner

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This chair is not made of wood and colored in vibrant hues, or from acrylic, perfectly molded by the designer. It’s a chair entirely made of sugar. Using a complicated technique, designer Pieter Brenner, created this unique “sweet” chair especially designed for candy lovers.

Although it uses alluring and sweet colors, this sugar chair is very tough. You can even sit on it if you want. Most people might want to grab and lick it. The gradation creates an artificial rainbow pattern. It is beautifully colored like the candy in the little girl’s hand from the pictures below.

Sweet Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner

German designer, Pieter Brenner, who lives in Amsterdam, realized that this creative idea needed special effort to become reality. Especially because he needed to consider carefully the ingredients and temperature he used.

So what do you think about this sugar chair? Would you be tempted to use it in your interior design? Or you would prefer to just grab it and enjoy it with your friends or kids who love candy very much? Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

Gallery of Sweet Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner
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a man with black hat looked at you with a colorfull object and white backgroun back
little rainbow chair in the white backgroun for kids bedroom in the home furniture
a blonde girl with rainbow candy seat in the rainbow chair for home furniture
Sweet Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner

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