9 impressive Table decorating Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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It’s important to set your dinner table for Valentine’s Day with care and attention. A beautifully dressed table sets the perfect scene for your romantic meal, and also shows your partner that you have made an effort for them. However, designing your table doesn’t need to be difficult or costly. Use our tips to ensure the table design of your Valentine’s Day meal is flawless and elegant.

Use Candles:

Mood lighting is one of the most important elements in creating the right atmosphere for your Valentine’s Day table. Use tapered candlesticks for a classic effect, or tea light candles randomly dotted around your table for a more casual and romantic feel.

Flower Arrangements:

If you’re trying to cut costs this Valentine’s Day, find flowers in your garden and organize them into a pretty jug or vase for a vintage look at your table. Use old jam jars to hold the flowers to save money and create a country chic vibe, as shown below.

Pink-Purple-Valentines-Table-CenterpieceGo Monochrome:

Many people instinctively go for bright red and pink themes on Valentine’s Day, but sometimes this can be overdone. Use monochromatic colors for a contemporary twist on romance. Keep it sleek and indulgent with clean lines and luxurious accessories.

Use Fruit:

Fruit is an inexpensive way to dress your dinner table. Use a tall glass vase as your centerpiece and fill it with red fruits such as cherries, red grapes or red apples. You can eat the fruit afterwards to minimize on waste.


Bunting is one of the easiest and cheapest additions you can add to your table to make a big impact. Use paper or fabric, depending on your budget, and cut out several small heart shapes. Tag them together with staples or use a sewing machine to create a long string of romance themed bunting, as seen below.

valentines-day-webRose Petals:

For a classic look at your dinner table, lay rose petals over a white tablecloth for a feminine and sophisticated feel. This is a great way to make more of an impact with expensive roses, as the petals go further than a single flower.

Homemade place-mats:

Use a stencil and cut large heart shapes out of some fabric, then use these as place-mats under your plates. Be imaginative with fabric and suit the pattern or color to match the theme of your table.

Colored Glassware:

Buy colored glassware to dress your table with. The red wine glasses in the image below really make the look pop.

Valentines-Day-Table-Setting-Tablescape-1Make Napkin Holders:

You don’t need to waste money on expensive napkin holders which you may never use again. Create your own napkin holders out of necklaces or other costume jewelry which you have laying around the house. Simply wrap you necklace around the center of the folded napkin to hold it together and accessorize it. This works best with large beaded necklaces, or pearls give a particular decadent and romantic feel for your Valentine’s Day table, as you can see in the image below.

Napkin Rings Made_using Hearts Wrapped around the napkins

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Napkin Rings Made_using Hearts Wrapped around the napkins

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