Tanovatti: A Beautiful House Retreat in Chile

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Amazing Brilliant Design For Wonderful Resort Design With Wooden And Steel Accent Deisgn For Beams

There is a house retreat named Tavonatti located in Cachagua, Zapallar, Chile that looks like Heaven on Earth. You can see the beauty of nature and elegance meeting right in the middle. This house consists of two areas, one is an open space, and the other puts more presence on the inside. And the fact that you can enjoy such an enjoyable and relaxing scenery just outside the house it’s just amazing.

The outdoor space was designed with a minimalist staircase that connects directly to the open terrace. The terrace is fully surrounded with many landscapes that you can enjoy day and night. In the living room of the Tanovatti retreat, you can directly get the fresh and healthy sunlight in a shabby chic décor. Some sea themed decorations are used in the living room’s ambience. On the ground floor of this house retreat, you can see a perfectly designed kitchen, dining room and bedrooms that connect to the yard.

Most of the interior design is made of wooden materials that look so natural and warm. The coloration of the walls and floors are really unified with a calming tone. If you want to create a light mood for your stressful working environment, this is the place to get some inspiration from. This retreat has a very inviting décor, wouldn’t you agree?

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Gallery of Tanovatti: A Beautiful House Retreat in Chile
Impressive design architecture with wooden accent design and steel for beams design and nice balcony design
Wonderful cozy place with natural atmosphere in around and modern stylish design architecture with brown and black wooden accent design
Impressive creation for large design of shelving in white with ncie wocker basket for stuff collecting
Exciting design for large decoration room with nice dining suite also nice sofa deisgn with white coffee table design and pendant lamps design
Awesome  decoration for room with nice dining suite with floor lamp design with fireplace also white shelving and stripes wall design
Wooden accent in outdide with glass wall and natural design for front porch with awesome architecture design
Gorgeous views from stylish design house with nice outdoor conversation space with wonderful lamp design
Amazing brilliant design for wonderful resort design with wooden and steel accent deisgn for beams
Cozy bedroom with glass wall design also stylish white design for fancy bed with bedside table design and pendnat lamp
Modern classy design for design architecture with ncie garden design and glass wall design for bring the lights

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