The 24 House by Dane Design Australia

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Dane Design  Australia LaurieFlower 011

Dane Design is one of the great designers for a house. This picture is one of the examples for the building that is made by Dane Design Australia. It is called by the 24th house. It has a full of protection roof from the direct sunlight. Do you ask why? It is because the owner of this house is an art collector. So, the architect gave the home a deep overhanging roof to protect valuable pieces from the harsh, damaging sun. So, it can be your inspiring you who loves art thing in making a house.

Just because the owner of this building is an art collector, it means this house is also having function in showing the collection too. In every corner of this house, you can place the collection of the art, start from the painting and other collection. It is also have a special room to discuss or to collect many people. You can bring your friends here too. You can spend your time enjoy the beautiful collection of the art in here.

The great creation that is full of art is not only stated on the family room or guests’ room, but also presented in the kitchen. From the furniture choices and the special light, the kitchen seems like collection room too. then, to further enhance the ceiling a band of black glass between lower roof and the pitched roof that helps to separate the roof from the walls, the glass is frameless and slices through into the timber ceiling. Meanwhile, the deep roof overhang runs to a knife edge fascia line that is visible internally through the glass line. Moreover, the owners collect art and the home faces south. The high level glazing allows reflected and direct natural daylight deep into the home while the deep overhang of the roof protects wall hung art from harmful direct sunlight.

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Gallery of The 24 House by Dane Design Australia
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