The Age Apartment with The Modernity and Mysterious Atmosphere

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Age Apartment Buildings Balcony

Talking about age apartment, what is in your mind about that theme? Here, we will bring the new age apartment with the new style, new face, and everything hat you don’t expect to find inside an age apartment. This modern new age apartment is coming with the modern cover and arrangement with many minimalist accents.

Mostly, this home as created in white, black, and grey color. But you can also find another color like as soft brown even in small scale. I believe the first thing that you can see in the living room is the square element that you can find in almost on all side of these area including the windows. The brown sofa with the L form is so eye catching and makes the theme of the room stronger. I believe you can see the coziness and cold impress that fill the room.

Peter Kostelov tried to make the room balance by giving the white-painted wood wall around some metal element of the chairs. The grey floor seems perfect with the overall design and arrangement. I love the hanging lamp. It has different shape than the others that can make it seem cute and gives any contrast to another furniture that mostly has strong look from the square form. The square form of the furniture does not only have the strong look, but give the positive impact to the room and also gives tough character inside this apartment. It makes the overall design of this apartment seems different.

I guess, this area is the real reflection of modernity with the perfect balance between the cold color, timber, and metal and very suitable for you who loves the modern lifestyle with the mysterious and cold atmosphere that’s not easy to find in another place.

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