The Best Way to Protect Your Dining Room Table Pads

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Dining room table pads are the best way to protect your dining room table from scratches, moisturise, dents and spills. Our dining table pads are custom made to fit the exact shape and size of your dining room table. Our products come with a lifetime warranty and magnetic locking system. Protecting your dining room table is a great investment. Dining table pads are available in 25 top color choices and five velvet bottoms. Protect your family’s heirloom or expensive table with a dining room table pad.

This table pad consist of a solid lightweight fiberboard core that will be unaffected by humidity and will not warp when standing upright, so, it will save storage space. Our best table pads are 1/2” thick and will protect your table up to 600 degrees of heat.

Dining table pads custom made to fit oval, round, rectangular, square and all shaped dining tables. Protect your dining room table with a custom dining table pad today.

You’ve made a great investment in your dining room table. It may be an antique, a family heirloom or simply a well-crafted piece you’d like to keep for years to come. Why do you rely on luck when it comes to your table? Using our custom manufactured table pads, you can protect it while still enjoying it’s every day use.
Why our dining table pad is the best choice? Because we have :

1)Magnetic locking system
2)1/2” thick
3)600 degree heat resistance
4)Lifetime warranty
5)Quick delivery
6)Wholesale price
7)Over size charge will apply if table pad is wider than 54” and longer than 74” without extension leaves
8)Over size charge is $2.50 per linear inch.

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